Co-Founder of Corvettes at Carlisle, Chip Miller’s dream of finding and acquiring the class-winning #3 Cunningham Corvette from the 1960 Le Mans race in France is the core story featured in THE QUEST. He had hoped to return the car to Le Mans in 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of its historic win. Though close to his goal in 2003, his dream was cut short by a rare disease called amyloidosis.

Chip’s only son shared a unique bond with his father. Having grown up seeing his father’s passion for cars and specifically Corvettes, Lance Miller fully understood why his father’s dream was so important to him. And he instinctively knew what he had to do to honor his father’s wish, when his father could no longer achieve it on his own.

A renowned Corvette restorer and tenacious searcher for lost historic Corvettes, Kevin Mackay’s close friendship with Chip Miller was the key to locating the long-lost #3 Cunningham Corvette from the 1960 race at Le Mans. And when he could no longer help Chip Miller with his quest, he helped Chip’s son to fulfill his father’s dream.

A living legend from the international racing circuit, John Fitch was one of the two drivers of the class-winning #3 Corvette at Le Mans in 1960. His ability to drive the car in a pouring rain is the ‘right stuff’ of racing tales and history. When it came time to fulfill Chip Miller’s dream of returning the Corvette to Le Mans for a 50th anniversary ceremonial lap, there was only one choice for the person behind the wheel...then 92 year old John Fitch.